Bending Over Backwards For a Good Cause

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Whats Happening / February 6, 2020

Bending Over Backwards For a Good Cause

Whats Happening

Bending Over Backwards For a Good Cause

Here at Suncourt, we love to support people that are making a positive impact and that is exactly what Emma does every week on Friday, 7:15am at Suncourt Hotel & Conference Centre. Emma teaches a Yin Yoga class and donates all profit from this yoga class to the Elephant Nature Park (ENP) in Northern Thailand. 

This is Emma’s story; “ I became involved in ENP after having experienced a visit to a different Elephant Tourism Business that was heartbreaking to see. Elephants were distressed, carrying heavy cages for tourists to ride on and being controlled by a hit with a sharp metal hook that left the skin bleeding, and many had scars around their legs from shackles. I knew this was wrong and researched more only to discover the horrendous physical and mental abuse was called Phaajan in Thai. This way of training is condemned by animal-welfare groups. I googled Ethical elephant sanctuaries and Elephant Nature Park came up among the top in the world. I booked a trip and once there I was profoundly touched by what was being done to change the lives of elephants and many animals.” 

Emma visits the elephants at ENP every single year, taking the donations from her Yoga Class with her. She also takes other people with her to experience ENP projects and to be encouraged to spread the word that it is not ok to support certain types of Tourism. 

For more information on ENP, you can check out their website here. There is always a more ethical way to experience Tourism, and places like ENP provide experiences for people to see these majestic animals without causing them harm and distress!

Everyone is welcome to come along and experience Emma’s yoga class at Suncourt Hotel & Conference Centre every Friday at 7:15am. In this class Emma teaches Yin Yoga which is a slow paced practice and full of long held yoga poses that exert positive stress on subtle tissues (ligaments, tendons, fascia). This in turn initiates the body’s repair response, leading to stronger, healthier and more supple tissue and a calmer central nervous system. It is suitable for all bodies and yoga levels.

We hope to see you there!