Take the chill off at Wairakei Terraces

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Whats Happening / May 19, 2022

Take the chill off at Wairakei Terraces

Whats Happening

Take the chill off at Wairakei Terraces

We think soaking in a hot pool in the cooler months is one of the best things in winter and we believe Wairakei should be on your list to visit while staying with us. 

Wairakei Terraces have an amazing geyser that flows down silica stairs into three separate blue mineral-rich thermal pools. With a hot waterfall, lots of fauna and flora, there are many places for you to sit in silence and soak with nature’s meditative soundtrack in the background. 

Two of the key benefits of geothermal hot pools are silica and sulfate. Research has shown that the body needs silica to make collagen. It also strengthens bones, boosts the immune system which then in turn promotes healthy nerves, mucous membranes, and growth of hair and nails. It is also great for treating migraines. 

Sulfate is good for you as it rids the body of toxins, promotes health of bones, hair, nails and fluids in joints and is also an anti-inflammatory. 

It does pay to note that Wairakei is for 14 years and older as it is a space to unwind and soak off the day. For information on family friendly hot pools, you can see our blog which mentions Debretts as one of the five top activities for families here

You can find more information on their website here.