The People That Make Us Tick: Chris

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On Our Doorstep / March 13, 2019

The People That Make Us Tick: Chris

On Our Doorstep

The People That Make Us Tick: Chris

This week as part of our Staff Series, we want to introduce Chris. She is one of our Chefs and our key baker of all sweet and savoury goodies. 

Tell Us About Yourself

Taupō has been my home for the last 15 years, I have 3 sons and a daughter and before coming to Suncourt, I had owned Zest Cafe for 10 years. Originally from a farming background, I have always enjoyed baking and cooking and I have really just learnt as I’ve gone along. In my spare time I enjoy swimming and having pet rabbits. 

What is your typical day at Suncourt look like?

A usual day at Suncourt starts from 6:30 and finishes at midday. I cook the breakfasts and create the baking for the day. I always know in advance what baking I am doing, it is always a mix of savoury and sweet and everyday is a little bit different. 

What do you love most about your job thus far?

The staff are all so friendly and I love the freedom I have for creativity within my role.  

What is something someone has said to you that you have never forgotten?

My last employer (pre owning Zest) Greg, once asked me if in another life would I come back as a Chef. That for me was such a pivotal moment, as it was the first time I realised that I was good at it. His comment really gave me the confidence to grow and develop my skills. I went from being his dishy to owning the cafe!