Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary 

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On Our Doorstep / July 10, 2022

Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary 

On Our Doorstep

Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary 

Add a level of luxury to your corporate getaway by playing a round at Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary.

Taupō is known for its many golf courses however, it is rare to find a golf course that is also a sanctuary. This world class course combines the beauty of the natural rolling countryside with the rigorous standards for world-class championship competition. 

This course has a dedicated five kilometre ‘Xcluder’ fence which stands more than 2 meters tall and is specifically designed to keep out predators like rates, mice, stoats, weasels, hedgehogs, cats & possums. As you explore this course you will see over 25,000 native trees providing a home for pheasants, guinea fowl, pekin ducks and fallow deer. 

In 2012, an agreement was established between Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary and the Department of Conservation to work cooperatively together to make the most of conservation and restoration opportunities within the sanctuary. That includes using the predator free environment as a crèche for kiwi chicks, a safe place for them to “find their feet” and grow. 

We love what Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary are doing to protect the native wildlife while providing an exceptional first class experience for golfers.